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Professional Detailers from all over the world connect to our On Line platform, since it is capable of providing technical advice in several languages. Our students' performance is 99.9%, the highest in the automotive sector. This allows large international centers to focus on improving the experience of the sector and spend more time improving their services and the infrastructure of their self-detailing centers. 

Professional Courses in Car Detailing 

Our courses are an excellent opportunity for professionals and Detailing centers who want to obtain an international level of Auto Detailing with many possibilities of generating income, in addition to this you will obtain many benefits such as a list of suppliers with agreements for the purchase of tools and machinery products.


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What are the advantages of belonging to FIDTAIL?

Become part of the only International professional directory in Detailing

Special supplier discounts

Video conferences between partners

Suppliers Gifts

Exclusive events and meetings

Many more benefits ....

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Why choose FIDTAIL to train me? 

FIDTAIL is a certified and internationally active company where all our instructors are part of the ELITE of International Detailers. 

FIDTAIL is the body with the highest corporate representation of the interests of the automotive detail sector. It is made up of 12 representative associations from different parts of the world. With a presence in more than 15 countries, in addition to the European community, it is also recognized by the "Detailer Fest Brazil" 3 consecutive years as an honorary member.

FIDTAIL is designed to strengthen and assist our students.

FIDTAIL DNA is undoubtedly respect, professionalism and professional ethics, where our main objective is to help each other and learn together, it is not just about working detailing, but also about sharing technology, information and experience among all its members, in order to achieve detailed Premiums and unmatched.


You will become a true professional

You will learn all the tricks to leave your clients with their mouths open rejuvenating their cars.

It is an excellent opportunity for professionals who want to modernize their washing centers and new entrepreneurs who plan to open an Auto Detailing business with many possibilities of generating income, in addition to this you will obtain many benefits such as a list of suppliers with agreements where you will obtain discounts for the purchase of tools and machinery products, you can also get and retain new and better customers who are looking for the best care for their cars and are willing to pay for it.

You will differentiate yourself from your competitors

FIDTAL is an internationally accredited professional training organization in automotive aesthetics and Detailing.

Step by step you will learn all the techniques, Correct use of products, tools and accessories

What do we learn in the courses?

You will learn to detail a vehicle from start to finish, going through stages such as interior cleaning, engine cleaning, polishing, polishing, scratch removal, swirls, holograms and more to move on to ceramic-coated paint treatment, among other topics.

We will also guide you in the purchase of supplies, such as budgeting for a service, sale and marketing.

We will also teach you everything you need to open and manage a detailed center, complete list of tools and necessary products.

Working procedures and dealing with the client. Definition of services and orientation of sales prices.

Computer applications for management. Suppliers where to buy products and tools at the best price.

Another point to note is that we provide permanent post-course support with all FIDTAIL Directors !!

You will be able to attend all the videoconferences organized by FIDTAIL totally free.

Our students can visit our facilities as many times as they want, communicate by WhatsApp or phone that we will be willing to answer all your questions, since we consider that the post-course is just as important.

We are the only Internationally Certified Detailing Training Center that provides personalized and exclusive monitoring of our entire student community.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with more information.

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