One of the greatest benefits of being an honorary member of FIDTAIL is being part of the only and most exclusive federation structured to train and share techniques, knowledge, cultural exchanges, access to databases, international agreements with suppliers, online courses and videoconferences.

FIDTAIL videoconferences are a great solution to share with our partners, new knowledge, new techniques, new products, new tools, new technologies, marketing strategies and much more...

If you are a member of FIDTAIL you will be able to access all our video conferences completely free of charge.

Before entering the video conference room, it is important that you read and accept the following recommendations:

1. Arrive on time for the video conference

2. enter the video conference with the microphone silently

3. it is important to have a pencil and a notebook to take notes

4. have a proper use of words

5. Respect and tolerance towards the contributions of the participants

6. without breaking any of these rules, you may be expelled from the video conference and penalized for not being able to attend the next virtual meetings.

If you already have the ID of the next video conference, welcome, you can see it here