Master Detailer certification exam

Master Detailer certification exam

Professional certification in Detailing, the highest degree in the industry.

Professional accreditation consists of 10 exams, which contains 10 to 20 questions each.

the contents of the exams to be performed are as follows: Tools, chemicals, Crystals, interior details, upholstery in fabric and leather, correction and protection of paint, wheels and tires, outdoor washing, surface preparation, Detailing terminology, business and personal safety.

You need at least 80% or more to pass. Each Candidate gets two free exam attempts. If you need a third attempt or any additional attempt, you can purchase a $10 retest. Once you submit the recovery form and payment, you will receive the recovery login.

FIDTAILER Promise: By purchasing these exams, I confirm that I will comply with the FIDTAIL Code of Ethics.

I undertake to complete these exams without external assistance, other than reference materials, and will not allow the use of exam questions by anyone other than me for the purpose of this certification. I understand and agree that this certification does not constitute the guarantee of FIDTAIL or the guarantee of my fitness or competence to practice as a detailed professional. I understand and agree that I will complete these exams within 12 months and, if I do not, I will lose my rights to complete the exams. I understand and accept the terms of the recertification and understand that the breach will result in the loss of my certification.

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